Collection: Mr. Who?

"Get ready to be amazed by the creativity and talent of street artist known as Mr. Who! This self-taught artist specializes in graffiti-ing miniature models, creating unique and highly detailed pieces of art. His unique style combines vibrant colors and intricate designs to create works that are both beautiful and striking.

Beyond his technical skill, what truly sets Mr. Who apart is his ability to create stories and narratives in each of his works. His miniature cars are not just artistic expressions, but also tell a story, whether through the representation of characters or the inclusion of symbolic elements. In addition, his new collection is called "Mini-Vandalism", a series of works with a darker and more provocative style.

The self-taught and talented nature of Mr. Who is reflected in his work and dedication to art, his ability to constantly learn and improve has led to the creation of impressive works. If you're looking for a unique piece for your collection or just want to surprise someone with an original gift, look no further than Mr. Who. His works are a true gem for any lover of urban art!"

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